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Birthdate:May 14
Name: Iggy
Canon: the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson
Point in canon: post-canon, he lived in a multi-verse for a while and got sent back home, he's still adjusting to the normal world again after living somewhere with superheroes, wizards, and bi-monthly zombie outbreaks.

Physical appearance: Iggy is about six feet tall, which is average for a 25 year old, strawberry blond, lean and pale. He's also got a rather impressive wingspan at somewhere over 14 feet total, the wings fold down almost flat against his spine so they can be hidden under clothes, though he still ends up looking like an Olympic swimmer. Unless they're unfolded, or he's shirtless/in a tank top, they're virtually invisible.

Important facts: Iggy is one of a group of 6 avian DNA enhanced meta-humans who escaped from The School when they were kids. He's blind thanks to the scientists there trying to enhance his night vision, this doesn't bother him much, provided nobody moves the furniture.
He's the third youngest of the flock, followed by the Gasman, Nudge, and Angel respectively, and only younger than Max and Fang.
He's a surprisingly good cook, for someone who can't see what he's doing.
He's a demolitions expert, a firebug at heart, and a puzzle master, he likes figuring things out.

Iggy, the flock, and anything from his canon do not belong to me, Iggy belongs to himself and James Patterson, and in some part Chronicle Books. This journal is for RP purposes only, and I'm not making any profit besides the fun. Ryan Gosling is the face in the icons, I'm not him either.
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